The Cons Dangerous downsides of Speed Bets

The Cons Dangerous downsides of Speed Bets

Speed bets, or TOP bets, are the most dangerous types of bet to make in any betting market.

Most people new to betting often think they are invincible, but the bookies are experts at a slightly crooked game, and they know some small thing about maths. The moment you start to think that you can beat the bookies at their own game, then you are dead set on losing money, big time.

So, if there is no bookie, then where can you place a bet that will give you the best chance of success?

Sports bets started in the US in the 1800s. The old timers will certainly remember a time when bets were placed in the hinterland, and the returnees from the old aristocrat families were expected to read the morning newspaper while having their morning cup of Earl’s finest, and discover the life changing events.

Back then, the old timers had to get to the tracks by hand, and by horse, and by wagon, before they could even plan a proper trip. The only other possibility was a prepaid trip on the estate of a friend, which was the best that could be done in those days.

The rise of the internet has improved the situation of the ardent on course bettor. There are many on course betting web sites that list many potential locations for you to bet. The beauty of internet betting is that you can place your bet, collect your winnings and start again at your leisure in your own time zone.

The downside of this ease of availability is that it’s possible to bet during the half time of a major sports event, or when the main television networks are showing a match that you’re interested in. This is very addictive, and is a real source of concern for the addicted.

It’s recommended that if you are betting, you take a small amount of money with you in your pocket, and place the majority of your money on different types of bets. This way, if you lose, you will only lose a set amount of money, and not all that you risked, and you can collect your profits if you win.

Top Betting Tips

The most important rule when betting to is not to bet more than you can afford to lose. It’s so easy to get carried away when you see the television programs about the last second bets, or pick up a great football spread. Professionals are very skilled at calculating the odds of a major sports event that they are rarely wrong. If you throw all of your money in, you will be very disappointed. Unless you’re willing to loose every penny, you will need to be extremely disciplined when betting. Don’t chase your loses, and if you do lose, only lose a set amount of money. You don’t want to lose everything, but you don’t want to get too excited either.

Make sure you follow one or two standard bets, rather than chasing the wrong bets. Once you have a system you can bet with confidence, and be sure of where your money is at any given time.

There is no reason to bet on sports you are unaccustomed to. Unaccustomed to any sport? Try boxing. It’s certainly a sport that would put most lesser known sportshorts on the map. Try waiting for the favorites toHave the largest betting handle. When they falter, the underdogs soar up in price.

Bola88 betting can assist you in saving your best for one big bet. When you wait for the World Cup betting odds to settle down, and you spot a longshot winner, you can big up the bet on the favorite just a little for a small profit. And all the time you are doing your gambling in tranquility, without the daily whine of “house” or the nightly news that has no bearing on your bet’s outcome, you can collect your winnings with convenience and speed.

So place your bets, and do not allow your anticipation to rule your judgment.

Good Luck!

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